Penguin Suit

Penguin Suit

Penguin Suit by glamourgirl213 featuring an ivory jacket

Ahh, the penguin. The master of the tuxedo suit and all the chic, refined minimalism that comes with it. Channel these birds by reducing your color palette to sleek blacks and whites, with a slight hint of metallic sheen thrown in. Dress in streamlined shapes and fitted trousers, and if you’ve ever considered investing in a tailored suit-jacket or blazer, now’s the time. If you simply can’t resist, do the whimsical bit with an ebony men’s bowtie.

The Row dress
€453 –

3 1 Phillip Lim plunge neck dress
£670 –

Etoile Isabel Marant tunic
$275 –

3 1 Phillip Lim ivory jacket
£695 –

The Row loose pants
€1.590 –

Gucci heels
$1,195 –

Haberdash House chain jewelry
£25 –

Haberdash House animal jewelry
£15 –

Topshop chain jewelry
$40 –

Marwood Mesh Lace Bowtie
$165 –

Heather Moore Unframed Round Silver Cuff links
$1,000 –

Look guys,it’s a penguin!:D

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