The Real Macaw


Macaw by glamourgirl213 featuring platform wedge heels

Taking style inspiration from a rainbow-colored parrot? Though it might seem crazy, there’s a lot to be learned from these birds of the jungle.

 Here are several tips to take away:

  1. Color, color, color! Though black can feel like a safe-haven, it’s important to break away from slates and sables once in awhile to avoid falling into a rut. If you’re unsure where to start, try a black base with color layered on top, like the Dolce & Gabbana dress above.
  2. Silhouette is key: Consider how beautiful the scarlet macaw looks when flying with wings outstretched and head pointed straight ahead. Without realizing it, the macaw is demonstrating an excellent point: the power of a strong silhouette. When creating outfits, it’s critical to consider this aspect in addition to color and fabric. Think about how the pieces you choose will work together to shape and frame your body, and contemplate what sort of outline would look best on you.
  3. No fear! One of the obvious reasons the scarlet macaw is so popular is because it’s different- it doesn’t look like any other bird in the sky, let alone any other creature in the forest. Take a lesson from this when cultivating your personal style, and realize that it’s always better to be original and creative rather than safe and boring. Style would never evolve without risk takers, so why not innovate? Push the boundaries a little and see where it takes you!

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