Rooney Mara Oscars 2012

Rooney Mara Oscars 2012

 Rooney Mara Oscars 2012 by glamourgirl213 featuring diamond jewelry

Life embodies art when Rooney Mara pulls inspiration from über-hacker Lisbeth Salander’s stylebook.

 In keeping with the dark and twisted glamour she exuded in November 2011’s Vogue, Rooney would be wise to take Hervé Léger’s chiffon gown for a spin on Oscar night. The sheer skirt and criss-cross straps keep the dress from turning boring, while a simple silhouette gives Rooney plenty of opportunity to play with accessories. And play she should, in the form of killer jewelry and heels. Alaïa’s leather platforms evoke a Swedish sensibility that’s perfectly in keeping with Dragon Tattoo‘s heritage, and studded cuffs offer just the right amount of tough-girl edge. Pale blush and mint-green shadow lend the final flourish, sealing the deal for this punk-perfect starlet.

Hervé Léger chiffon dress
$1,225 –

Alaïa leather high heels
$968 –

Alaïa clutch handbag
$1,485 –

Devon Page McCleary cuff bangle
$6,300 –

Federica Rettore diamond jewelry
$6,700 –

Devon Page McCleary pendant
$30,400 –

Dotted border

Oscar Statue

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