Bronze Goddess

Bronze Goddess

Bronze Goddess by glamourgirl213 featuring peep toe pumps

I know what you’re thinking: Bronze? Really? When was the last time I even considered the color?  But the more you think about it, the more you realize the truth. A dash of glimmery russet or metallic copper, may, in fact be the perfect shade to accentuate your new auburn highlights or pre-spring break tan. Unlike other shades, bronze is pretty universally flattering, and also easy to dress up or down with just a few simple changes. In other words, you can pile on the burnished bangles whether your skin is fair, freckled, olive, sun-kissed, or anywhere in between! Even better: use some shiny bronze pumps to add a kick to 9-5 tights, and keep them on after hours to spice up a standard LBD. With a color so versatile, then, it’s actually a no-brainer: forgo gold and silver for bronze the next time you’re in a fashion crunch!

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label gown dress $3,975 –

CALYPSO ST BARTH racerback vest $265 –

Acne elastic waist skirt $1,400 –

Charlotte Olympia slingback heels $905 –

Gucci high heel sandals $725 –

Sergio Rossi peep toe pumps $400 –

Lace up shoes $295 –

Guess sandals $89 –

Alexander Wang pin bag $650 –

Anya Hindmarch clutch hand bag £350 –

J Crew bucket bag $198 –

Tote hand bag $96 –

Supertrash snakeskin bag €90 –

Balenciaga bronze jewelry $295 –

Maria Nilsdotter bronze jewelry £285 –

Yellow gold jewelry


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