Super Color Blocker!

Super Color Blocker!

Super Color Blocker! by glamourgirl213 featuring a shift dress

I did not begin as a color blocking enthusiast. Something about the Crayola colors mashed against one another in chunky comic-book fashion simply rubbed me the wrong way. Too much on the eyes, perhaps, with nary a belt or a blazer in sight to cover up the shock. But despite my reluctance, the trend persisted. Ever since Emma Stone color blocked with peplum to great sartorial success in Giambattista Valli, the technique migrated from the circus ring to the mainstream. In no time flat, it seemed, designers were color blocking not only frocks, but bags and shoes as well, and stylists and starlets were walking proud in their geometric neons. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure: color blocking certainly isn’t for the shrinking violet. And perhaps therein lies my initial reluctance- it wasn’t the trend itself that was scary, but the attention it brought with it. So it’s to that fear that I now say: who cares? Why not go for it and take the risk of attracting some onlookers before color-blocking becomes completely passé? Like super-powers, however, pops of color should first be explored in small, cautious doses. Try some platform Brian Atwoods or a Juicy Couture cross-body as a way to ease yourself in to the color-blocking waters. Feeling good? Then go ahead and dive on in!

Bottega Veneta draped dress
$1,385 –

Shift dress
$242 –

Giuseppe Zanotti leather wedge sandals
$695 –

Giuseppe Zanotti platform pumps
$750 –

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe high heels
$695 –

B Brian Atwood suede platform pumps
$350 –

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel sandals
$795 –

Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto heels
$695 –

Juicy Couture cross body shoulder bag
$158 –

ASOS gummy ring
€6,99 –

ASOS gummy ring
€6,99 –

Stop Doorstop
$6.95 –

drop shadow

pink rick rack

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