Golden Rod

Golden Rod

Golden Rod by glamourgirl213 featuring a wing ring

For those who argue that lavish and opulent cannot be practical, I respond: Roberto Cavalli. As is readily evident above, this self-described “fashion artist” produces pieces that command a wild yet elegant attention. From the cleverly crafted metallics to the whimsical pumps, each piece is a sublime reflection of  Cavalli’s flair for the dramatic and penchant for excess. Add in his expertise in print making and a touch of the exotic, and you’re left with one of a kind treasures that seem to possess a soul all their own. As the New York Times has put it, Cavalli is truly an “Italian designer with a  gypsy soul.”

Roberto Cavalli ruched dress
$1,050 –

Roberto Cavalli floral dress
$1,079 –

Roberto Cavalli top
£1,015 –

Rag & bone skinny jeans
$190 –

Dsquared skinny fit jeans
£209 –

Dsquared slim jeans
£199 –

Roberto Cavalli metallic sandals
£625 –

WALTER STEIGER leather high heels
$1,075 –

Yves Saint Laurent leather high heels
$1,695 –

Roberto Cavalli wing ring
£235 –

Roberto Cavalli wing ring
£235 –

Pink hair accessory
$14 –


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