Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits by glamourgirl213 featuring cotton shorts

Fringe and florals? Though at first glance they seem the oddest of pairs, further inspection reveals a match made in sartorial heaven. The key is in the colors: burnished tans play well off of lavenders and mauves, allowing the complimentary textures to shine through. As is shown, the end result is a Stevie Nicks meets J. Crew vibe that’s easily suited to work or play. Note that it hangs particularly well on sultry brunettes, and blends perfectly with bangs. If you’ve been thinking of adding some choppy fringe to your mane à la Taylor Swift in February Vogue, this is the look to pair it with! Try it out and learn what it truly means to go your own way…

D G v neck dress
£340 –

Uniqlo cotton cardigan
£30 –

Rare cotton shorts
£10 –

H! by Henry Holland buckle shoes
£50 –

Mulberry leather satchel handbag
$1,500 –

Tote handbag
$60 –

River Island clutch handbag
$54 –

Oasis mini handbag
$36 –

Luv Aj fringe necklace
$360 –

Bohemian necklace
$232 –

Fringe necklace
£246 –

J Crew vintage style ring
$35 –

Carolee stud earrings
$28 –

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