Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea by glamourgirl213 featuring mini handbags

Seeking to reference the life aquatic without going overboard? Explore the open waters with Caribbean turquoise and inky ocean blue! Pair a sapphire blue tank with fish-y details: try Ebony Ivory’s turquoise vest, Brian Atwood’s almond toe pumps, and Diane von Fürstenberg’s mini handbag. Teardrop earrings and octopus jewelry complete the effect, leaving you ready to submerge yourself in a stylish sea.

Racer back dress
$43 –

Quiksilver racer back top
$14 –

EBONY IVORY turquoise vest
€398 –

Abercrombie fitch
$20 –

Punk skirt

Brian Atwood almond toe pumps
$2,114 –

Bottega Veneta clutch hand bag
$1,650 –

Diane von Fürstenberg mini handbag
€223 –

ASOS clutch hand bag
$36 –

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
741 SEK –

$10 –

Thea’s splashes

forgive me fashion, for I have sinned

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