Adventures in Wonderland

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter by glamourgirl213 featuring dot jewelry

Seeking to conjure your inner Alice without having to fall down a rabbit hole?  Do Lewis Carroll proud with fashion inspired by his classic text. The trick to achieving a look that’s more High Street than Mad Hatter is subtle details- try teacup jewelry, rabbit rings, and London-friendly footwear like Nordstrom’s lace up boots. Stick to a jewel-toned palette of blues, pinks, and golds, and throw in a dash of whimsy with a feathery fedora. Keep with these tips and you’ll be smiling like the Chesire cat in no time at all!

John Lewis Women strapless dress
£49 –

Born velvet boots
$75 –

Oasis black jewelry
$15 –

Sakdidet Road face jewelry
£25 –

Knot2much2ask dot jewelry
$193 –

John Lewis Women flower hat
£53 –

John Lewis Women black wool hat
£53 –

John Lewis Women ribbon hat
£39 –


Polaroid frame

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