Sparkle and Shimmer

Sparkle and ShimmerSparkle and Shimmer by glamourgirl213 featuring a circle ring

When playing with strong colors like hot pink and silver, it can be easy to slip into futuristic, sci-fi territory. Avoid this pitfall by playing with proportion: if you’ve got a smoking hot pink dress that packs a powerful punch, keep the silver to a minimum.  Additionally, balance out any shimmer and sparkle with substantial textures and chunky jewelry as shown. For a dash of whimsy, throw in an element of the unexpected, like the patterned prints or feather earrings above. Stick to these tips and you’ll be sure to dazzle!

Sweetheart neckline dress
$48 –

Silver Lining scoop neck dress
$41 –

Skinny leg jeans
$48 –

Platform heels
$50 –

Diamond jewelry
$20 –

Red stone jewelry
$30 –

Circle ring

BKE feather chain earrings
$10 –

Marc Jacobs Hot Pink Edition EdP –

Crown Me Already – OPI – Silver Glitter – Nail Care – Beauty – Fashion…
£135 –

Fab Fashion / love hot pink

Skull jewelry

Liu Xu :: Newfaces –’s Model of the Week and Daily Duo

Amanda S. :: Newfaces –’s Model of the Week and Daily Duo

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